Private Jet & Helicopter

Majesty Jet is 24/7 ready to provide a private aircraft for your specific needs (number of passengers, special luggage etc.) in order to maximize your time & efficiency.

By using private jets, you will have the chance to work around tight schedules, attending several meetings without time restrictions or geographical limits… Visit as many places as you want in one day… This is what we call “FREEDOM” in other words… Choose your destination and leave the rest to us… we will arrange the most convenient private jet for you, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

With private Jets, you will have an access to private terminals and you do not need to deal with busy airports and long queues in the security checks.

For many years, Majesty Jet Professional team carried the world leaders, company executives, football teams, and famous artists & singers by business and executive jets with the same motto; “Excellence is not a coincidence”.

Majesty Jet provides the tailor made air travel planning to support their success. All details are important for us! Nothing is left unplanned; the most appropriate aircraft, convenient airports and more important; “acting on time” as promised…

Talk to one of the Majesty Jet professional to experience something unique & different about your next journey.

We believe that; “Excellence is not a coincidence”.



Helicopters provide you the convenience, comfort and speed when you are planning a relatively shorter journey or if you want to fly to the nearest point of destination.  Majesty Jet expert team will propose you the best choice of helicopters and locations specifically focusing on your charter needs.



Helicopters give you more flexibility that fixed wing planes just can’t fly to…

The flexibility of flying directly to the exact destination you want is incredibly precious, and with Majesty Jet you can do so in safety and comfortable way.

Helicopters have the ability to access crowded and hard-to-reach places. They can land from hotel roofs to fields closer to your final destinations including access to city centers…